JinnyBoyTV Hangouts – We Pooped on Top of London

Carlsberg were nice enough to send us to London to experience the BPL like a VIP! Here’s what went down during our trip! SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/sub…





25 responses to “JinnyBoyTV Hangouts – We Pooped on Top of London”

  1. Young Noble Avatar
    Young Noble

    looks fun!

  2. Haziq Halim Avatar
    Haziq Halim

    how do you guys watch your video on the filght?

  3. cherriedpie Avatar

    it’s called the Gherkin. 🙂 it’s an office building!

  4. The Hidden Good Avatar
    The Hidden Good

    reuben looks like psy at 3:07!

  5. tye kean hong Avatar
    tye kean hong

    what’s the song name at 5:40

  6. Le Jia Hong Avatar
    Le Jia Hong

    Reuben supports Liverpool!!!

  7. gurlz8 Avatar

    what’s the title of the song they use at 12:04?

  8. Seow Su Lin Avatar
    Seow Su Lin

    I was the 2nd view!

  9. JinnyboyTV Avatar

    New video! We pooped on top of London! Check out what happened!

  10. Ryan Sylvia Avatar
    Ryan Sylvia

    Guys please lets go on a holiday together

  11. megan chang Avatar
    megan chang

    4:35 song?

  12. Jasmyn Law Avatar
    Jasmyn Law

    Can someone list the songs they used for the video? Much thanks. :)

  13. Apez Maxx Avatar
    Apez Maxx

    ur video is so amazing plus the soothing background music..love ur life jin
    and reuben..wish i can have ur kind of life in the future..

  14. JasM B Avatar
    JasM B

    Jin: “What if i would’ve openly shout that we have a Liverpool fan right


  15. Zureyiezan Bin Zuraimi Avatar
    Zureyiezan Bin Zuraimi

    10:40 song name ?

  16. SuZayn Love Avatar
    SuZayn Love

    They came all the way to London to just see you guys? 

  17. Matt Lee Avatar
    Matt Lee

    When i heard lucas podolski i jumped in excitement cuz nw he’s in

  18. Calvin Ho Avatar
    Calvin Ho

    just so cool!!!
    all I want just want to taste the Lobster…LOL

  19. Joseph Fraude Avatar
    Joseph Fraude

    Song at 9:00 Please!!

  20. TheCrafter Pros Avatar
    TheCrafter Pros

    i went to where you went in london too!

  21. Marquis Azriel Nadin Avatar
    Marquis Azriel Nadin

    They should have tried the burger.

  22. Josh Yap Avatar
    Josh Yap

    Give us a shout when you’re here next…
    Take you around Hertfordshire, home of the filming industry…
    and explore the Peak District =)

  23. Nurul Aqilah Avatar
    Nurul Aqilah

    rueben is in football nerd haven XD

  24. louie G Avatar
    louie G

    it’s called a ravioli dude =)

  25. exokm kai Avatar
    exokm kai

    I miss london so much …. Huhuhu

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