ASIAN – Parody of Christina Perri’s “Human”

Christina Perri’s Human Parody called “ASIAN” is all about celebrating being…ASIAN STARRING Jin Lim Ean Nasrun Jared Lee Wei Chen Lee Arnold Loh Denise Cha…





25 responses to “ASIAN – Parody of Christina Perri’s “Human””

  1. Farah Fauzi Avatar
    Farah Fauzi

    I’m not Asian enough. Haha i’m bad at maths, i don’t play music, and i
    don’t know how chopsticks work

  2. Animaljam Pandaz Avatar
    Animaljam Pandaz

    Sadly, this is true.

  3. Nariqmal Rizul Avatar
    Nariqmal Rizul

    lol…. suara sdap gile…!!!!

  4. Joyce JC Avatar
    Joyce JC

    what is min jung song hyo?

  5. AcerSense Avatar

    0:55 on *Pee Ass Four*. REALLY EAN??? xD

  6. Matt Lee Avatar
    Matt Lee

    Those holding cardboards with words and stuff…im totally opposite..cant
    tell if thats a good thing..i can live without rice for a long time,i am
    actually 22 but i look 30..i cant play any instruments but i tried
    learning..i dnt make fun of thing is right though…my parents
    are strict..but they meant well..

  7. Lia Criez Avatar
    Lia Criez

    “They say I’m Asian, not a B-sian.” Means we’re not A*-sians. :3333

  8. grace emu sibeng hae jung Avatar
    grace emu sibeng hae jung

    i cant stop laughing

  9. UMeAndHara Avatar


  10. toshiki kai Avatar
    toshiki kai

    so true because we are asians but i am not that much of an asian

  11. musca zero Avatar
    musca zero

    tears rolling~~~ (TT_TT)

  12. risna vinayati Avatar
    risna vinayati

    you are so sempoi la jinny !! i really like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

  13. ILUVACTING Avatar


  14. Trâm Lê Thị Bảo Avatar
    Trâm Lê Thị Bảo

    Thanks for making a great morning for me :”D. Love youuuuu

  15. Ely Wang Avatar
    Ely Wang

    Your voice is fantastic Jin! Love your voice

  16. crystal liew Avatar
    crystal liew

    Does anyone her watches smosh??

  17. Muaz Mastor Avatar
    Muaz Mastor

    no “happy” parody?

  18. FlutistPride Avatar

    I laughed at this. I eat instant noodles with chopsticks.

  19. Syafiah Norsyamimi Jubidin Avatar
    Syafiah Norsyamimi Jubidin

    Haha.. like this.. ^^

  20. Minato Arisato Avatar
    Minato Arisato

    proves mostly all what my parents did to me ~_~ but I know they wanted the
    best for me ..keep up the good work guys ^-^

  21. DanKhooProductions Avatar

    in my uni days i’m a D-sian. when i’m lucky i get to be a C-sian …. T.T

  22. JianHao Tan Avatar
    JianHao Tan

    I love your music parodies HAHA

  23. Ryan Sylvia Avatar
    Ryan Sylvia


  24. Sakura Vocal Avatar
    Sakura Vocal

    “Singing K-POP songs” screen shows Japanese lyrics. XDDDDROLF

  25. The Random guy Avatar
    The Random guy

    One of them look like Anthony form smosh

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