Australia and Taylor Swift – JinnyBoyTV Hangouts

Australia and Taylor Swift - JinnyBoyTV Hangouts

Jinnyboy heads to Australia to catch Taylor Swift in concert! And at the same time catch up with some of his fans from down under. SUBSCRIBE…





25 responses to “Australia and Taylor Swift – JinnyBoyTV Hangouts”

  1. Saga Ridz Avatar
    Saga Ridz

    Terbaik jin are you malaysiaan ?? I think you malaysiaan

  2. darioni tang Avatar
    darioni tang

    Hey . Jinny Boy. Now only aware you are from Curtin University.
    Which Batch you from?
    me year 2001 batch .
    Definitely u go hangout in northbridge where we do mostly in our times.

  3. awesomemmelia Avatar

    shit on you?

  4. Jack Bananas Avatar
    Jack Bananas

    Omg Wilson hahahahaha samadians

  5. Fatin Farhana Avatar
    Fatin Farhana

    Omg hahahaha i had pictures with the same ducks in Curtin lol or maybe
    their ancestors… Okay not important 

  6. Eason Cheng Does Experiments Avatar
    Eason Cheng Does Experiments

    are you chinese?

  7. Leong Kit Chan Avatar
    Leong Kit Chan


    Shots owns yeshiva

  8. Asyiqin Khairuddin Avatar
    Asyiqin Khairuddin

    Where is Taylor Swift ?

  9. DELWYN TAY Avatar

    Shit on you!

  10. e.j rox Avatar
    e.j rox


  11. MrGooterzik Putra Avatar
    MrGooterzik Putra


  12. Varick Low Jin Yue Avatar
    Varick Low Jin Yue

    S.O.Y=Shit On You

  13. Mentis Ng Avatar
    Mentis Ng

    S.O.Y : Shit On You !!

  14. technodude93 Avatar

    why…why among all u get to be with her… 🙁 whyyyyyy!!! 

  15. aiman834 Avatar


  16. Ling Lee Avatar
    Ling Lee

    So u r my senior…. lol

  17. marinakindacool Avatar

    Lucky guy to win yea

  18. Little Pooh Avatar
    Little Pooh

    SOY _ Shit On You

  19. Mandy Yong Avatar
    Mandy Yong

    omg i luv taylor swift!

  20. Ling Lee Avatar
    Ling Lee

    Aww perth city? 

  21. Odieyy RLi Avatar
    Odieyy RLi

    Dude at Australia weii x ajak me lehh…ahahahha just kidding JinnyandEan
    u guy’s
    Awesome dude…

  22. Brenda Tan Avatar
    Brenda Tan

    Unfold 3

  23. DenLim123 Avatar

    i hate you jin i fucking hate you 😛
    you lucky bastard 

  24. Jacky Zaii Avatar
    Jacky Zaii

    unfold 3 !!!

  25. AceLorh Diu Avatar
    AceLorh Diu

    What the name of the song start at 7:46 ?.. TQ :D

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