JINNYBOYTV EXCLUSIVE – Guardians Of The Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy will be in cinemas this 31st of July, Jinnyboy and Reuben were lucky enough to speak to the cast of GOTG. Special thanks to …





25 responses to “JINNYBOYTV EXCLUSIVE – Guardians Of The Galaxy”

  1. MrCookieeh Avatar


  2. Gogeta Kurasaki Avatar
    Gogeta Kurasaki

    how tall is jinny??

  3. MakeupBySyairah Avatar

    gosh reuben hahahaha so funny

  4. LingLi Blu Avatar
    LingLi Blu


  5. John Chua Zhu Ern Avatar
    John Chua Zhu Ern

    Wtf it is releasing on my birthday

  6. Ray Mak Avatar
    Ray Mak

    Will be a great movie!!!

  7. Vanilla Vanessa Avatar
    Vanilla Vanessa

    Wow..Zoe speak malay very well :)

  8. unsastisfied Avatar

    REally, all Vin Disel was going to say is “I am Groot”

  9. Jia Jenn Avatar
    Jia Jenn

    Zoe Saldana is kinda pretty actually… Haha

  10. Matt Lee Avatar
    Matt Lee

    I wnt be so nervous seeing bautista,but I might just faint if I see zoe or

  11. haoyu quan Avatar
    haoyu quan

    Okay this interview makes me wanna watch Guardian of Galaxy

  12. Krystle Low Avatar
    Krystle Low

    Aww Reuben was so nervous. xD

  13. Wong Yong Avatar
    Wong Yong

    is this a real interview?

  14. Ruhana Rahman Avatar
    Ruhana Rahman


  15. Zariff Shah Avatar
    Zariff Shah

    “It works for me man ” Hahahaha 

  16. lee chyesoon Avatar
    lee chyesoon

    Reuben, a piece of advice,act like that in every interview.

  17. Sheena goh Avatar
    Sheena goh

    Reuben’s laugh though.

  18. G O O G L E Avatar
    G O O G L E

    batista is the best at whatever he does. 

  19. arminjujutsu Avatar

    awful interview specially the fat guy!

  20. coz rafi Avatar
    coz rafi

    Nice trick. Haha

  21. dwakr96 Avatar

    Zoe Saldana is so freaking beautiful

  22. Ching Yi Wong Avatar
    Ching Yi Wong

    Dave Batista! You Quitter!!!!

  23. Hajar Munirah Avatar
    Hajar Munirah

    Best questions ever! You guys are so lucky

  24. Hedy ChooDiva Avatar
    Hedy ChooDiva


  25. Carolyn Cheng Avatar
    Carolyn Cheng


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