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Ever since I was a child, I had a goal… A naive but hopeful dream, that when I grow up, I’d like to be someone who would make a difference in this world……
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25 responses to “#BOLEH – JinnyBoyTV”

  1. Hana M. A. Avatar
    Hana M. A.

    Yes!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! Well done, JinnyBoy TV. Keep up the good work!

  2. Aki Atsuki Avatar
    Aki Atsuki

    Well I thout that Singapore is mocking our Malaysian,but they wrong ,they
    were praise us!

  3. Azri Rashid Avatar
    Azri Rashid


    something different from Jinnyboy

  4. antonia Yogendra Avatar
    antonia Yogendra


  5. Saw Pyae Nyo Avatar
    Saw Pyae Nyo

    Daebak Jay park is so cute

  6. risna vinayati Avatar
    risna vinayati


  7. Nurshahira liyana Ahmad Avatar
    Nurshahira liyana Ahmad

    Jay Park

  8. Teah Arof Avatar
    Teah Arof

    omg omg aj rafael o___________________o

  9. syaza aisyah Avatar
    syaza aisyah

    Jay park!

  10. clardevj2ster Avatar


  11. Jo MinAh Avatar
    Jo MinAh

    Remember what it really means. #BOLEH !

  12. Edy Ahmed Avatar
    Edy Ahmed


  13. Phoon Jer Avatar
    Phoon Jer


  14. Woon Bradley Avatar
    Woon Bradley


  15. Hariz Hazwan Avatar
    Hariz Hazwan

    its awesome man. what’s the name of the song in the end? 

  16. Vincent Eng Avatar
    Vincent Eng


  17. Charmaine Kong Avatar
    Charmaine Kong

    What’s the name of the song when the credits came out ???

  18. Mena Jun Avatar
    Mena Jun


  19. Kit Tan Avatar
    Kit Tan

    Only as one, Malaysia boleh.

  20. Ching Hwa Low Avatar
    Ching Hwa Low

    Amazing piece. Malaysians Can. Malaysians #boleh .

  21. Nurul Syaza Azlisha Avatar
    Nurul Syaza Azlisha

    I adore your work, Jinnyboy! =D

  22. batmangal Avatar

    hey jinny boy tv can you make a video with a title EXPIRED

  23. Ruzaini Acheh Avatar
    Ruzaini Acheh


  24. batmangal Avatar

    ok then

  25. Luqmann Halim Avatar
    Luqmann Halim

    Boleh means can XD

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