5 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

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“The Kiev Junta” offense Mariupol. Wrath of the people to Akhmetov People asking about establishment of an independent trade union. Дорогие друзья! Окажите помощь…
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50 responses to “5 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”

  1. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Avatar
    Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

    Mentally strong people are not afraid to feel, they overcome obstacles by
    not fearing them—becoming unstoppable. :)

  2. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Avatar
    Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

    Connect with those who remind you who you are. ~ Ralph Smart

  3. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Avatar
    Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

    How to Become More Attractive to Women/Men

  4. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Avatar
    Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

    Thanks Ralph.. You are a real treasure!! ♥

  5. naturallybubbly Avatar

    loving the background! You still have to give me the name of that song!!

  6. Ub3rJakey Avatar


  7. Samadhiatman500 Avatar

    My vision is becoming more clear. I thank you.

  8. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Avatar
    Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

    Always a pleasure to see your videos. Thank´s a lot…cheers from

  9. morningmayan Avatar

    Delightful and inspiring as always thank you:)

  10. Mr David Archer Avatar
    Mr David Archer

    You’re killing it, dude! Spot on like always.

  11. missmagnoliabird Avatar

    oh, how wonderful you are. This is a perfectly timed kick in the butt –
    just what I needed today. You are so beautiful too, radiant.

  12. theFORCEismyallie Avatar

    Thanks brother. That’s exactly what I needed to hear.

  13. zabelicious Avatar

    you remind me of myself in many ways… maybe that’s why I like you and
    more specifically what you say… Well done!

  14. Yaz K Avatar
    Yaz K

    what helped me along my journey is listening to you

  15. serjisheadbanging Avatar

    peaaaaaaaceeee hahaha XD

  16. Martine Peters Avatar
    Martine Peters

    Being free is my birth right. Yay! 

  17. TeamMCFD Avatar

    I like most of what you said here, however one thing to keep in mind is
    that duality is just an illusion. We are all one and good vs evil does not
    exist. Think about it this way, in a room there is a switch to fill the
    room with light, there is not another switch to fill the room with dark,
    dark is simply the lack or absence of light.

  18. Christine Kangaslampi Avatar
    Christine Kangaslampi

    very nice 🙂 ps. your teeth are so white! <3

  19. RygaCommand Avatar

    You have/are an old soul man :)

  20. Warrenton Maxwell Avatar
    Warrenton Maxwell

    How do you know these things?

  21. Firstname Lastname Avatar
    Firstname Lastname

    number 6: when they realize and acknowledge an inner fear, or any
    self-resentment, they allow themselves to feel the emotion deeply. they do
    this because they know that if they don’t surrender to the thought or
    emotion, they know it will stay trapped and will grow larger in the
    unconscious mind. they know that the more they deal with old childhood or
    other long-held beliefs about themselves or self-grudges, the easier it
    will be to deal with new things as they come up. i’ve seen this “along my
    journey.” : ) it’s very hard to let go of the lies when everyone around you
    expects you to be the you they’ve “always known.” but i’m starting to see
    that once you ALLOW yourself PERMISSION to be free of fear, the EASIER it
    will become. why does it get easier? because like ralph said, it feels good
    (and you just simply KNOW that you are being 100% true to yourself in any
    moment). number 6 is a few numbers actually, wasn’t it? oh well. 

  22. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Avatar
    Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)
  23. raw vibe Avatar
    raw vibe

    When you stop and laugh, I laugh too. Your humor is fresh :)

  24. Dominic G Avatar
    Dominic G

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you for the great advice and kind words.
    I really value your advice and hope to take it and adapt it to my own life!
    Thanks again, Peace.

  25. Sun Raw Avatar
    Sun Raw

    wise vid

  26. TheWinstonsport Avatar

    ебанатики проплаченные. видно же что они там не работают

  27. Dmitriy Shustak Avatar
    Dmitriy Shustak

    😀 кучка проплаченных мудаков ! Куда вы денетесь ? Вы ж без него кормильца
    повиздыхиваете )

  28. Oleg Smirnov Avatar
    Oleg Smirnov

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    калек вышло работают они там или нет !!! Акция состоялась теперь ждём
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    тоже начинался с кучки долбаёбов которым натрусили ))) а что получилось
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  29. TheAlshyn Avatar

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  30. Victor Rabinovich Avatar
    Victor Rabinovich

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  31. ISTINAODNA2013 Avatar

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  32. Эндрю Харёк Avatar
    Эндрю Харёк

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  33. сергей белых Avatar
    сергей белых

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  34. Аксель Роуз Avatar
    Аксель Роуз

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  35. Николай Д Avatar
    Николай Д

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  36. Evgen Evgenich Avatar
    Evgen Evgenich

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  37. Николай Николаевич Avatar
    Николай Николаевич

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  38. Павел Овсянников Avatar
    Павел Овсянников

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  39. Nik Ger Avatar
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  40. Инна Максимова Avatar
    Инна Максимова

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  41. Анна Иванова Avatar
    Анна Иванова

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  42. Федор Кулеша Avatar
    Федор Кулеша

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  43. tabex8ru Avatar

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  44. romamolodec2 Avatar

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  45. Эдди Блюз Avatar
    Эдди Блюз

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  46. татьяна домашняя Avatar
    татьяна домашняя

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  47. Safemaker2 Avatar

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  48. RussianJogginDonbass Avatar

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  49. Стрела НД Avatar
    Стрела НД

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  50. Сергей Грибоедов Avatar
    Сергей Грибоедов

    и нам бы не помешало такое

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