World Cup Fever – JinnyBoyTV

The world cup is coming! How are you preparing for it? And what are the things we go through during the world cup season? A Brand new short to remind and pre…
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25 responses to “World Cup Fever – JinnyBoyTV”

  1. Apez Maxx Avatar
    Apez Maxx

    only few girls know what world cup fever is..n only few girls really follow
    up with football..

  2. Daniyal Rayyan Avatar
    Daniyal Rayyan


  3. Fatin Atikah Avatar
    Fatin Atikah

    The last part of this video make me smile. .. 

  4. MirOwns Avatar


  5. Aiman Gilee Avatar
    Aiman Gilee

    That old chinese man wearing korea jersey is from “the journey” movie
    right? (not to be rude for calling him old)

  6. Ryan Sylvia Avatar
    Ryan Sylvia

    +Dennis Yin win liao lo

  7. Abo sen Avatar
    Abo sen

    girls: period every month
    boys: period every 4 years

  8. Harris Norzaman Avatar
    Harris Norzaman

    I wanna know where they get their haircuts ! lol

  9. Wendy Zhao Avatar
    Wendy Zhao

    hahahaha… maradona kia pun bue tan kia liao kok thak kiu… XD good one

  10. TheFellowYellow Avatar

    Loved watching this the second time round :)

  11. Syaz Anwar Avatar
    Syaz Anwar

    That’s Elizabeth right ? The girl who sings cover on youtube ?

  12. Nadiah Rahim Avatar
    Nadiah Rahim

    Omagadddd… fuad n the kyotos.. overloaded awesomeness..

  13. Asher Paul Ang Avatar
    Asher Paul Ang

    Wow you guys managed to get Abbas Saad on your video… impressed 

  14. Danny Sone Avatar
    Danny Sone

    7:34 joanne yew =D

  15. Ming Jie Gan Avatar
    Ming Jie Gan

    actually…you get a yellow card for taking off shirts.Perhaps red for
    being too sexy? ;)

  16. Vyszeamy Avatar

    Am I the only one who saw UNFOLD 3 IS IN PRODUCTION ? :DDD

  17. JinnyboyTV Avatar

    New Video! What are some of the the things we go through during the world
    cup season? #worldcupfever 

  18. JayVinFoong Avatar

    2:05 Was this necessary?? Haha.

  19. imran zikri Avatar
    imran zikri

    Spain gonna win this year

  20. zhen yi wong Avatar
    zhen yi wong

    Wearing Colombian jersey but cut Fellaini hairstyle… =..=

  21. Nico Robin Avatar
    Nico Robin

    Jangan kacau

  22. Eric Ding Avatar
    Eric Ding

    YAY! I’m first! And this is a GREAT VIDEO!! AWESOME

  23. MindCorrupt Avatar

    Was it shot at Taylor’s lakeside?
    -Last year when you guys came to our Uni during Ramadan, i couldn’t meet
    you guys :c 

  24. Muhd Huzaifah Avatar
    Muhd Huzaifah

    what the song name at the last of the video?

  25. Dennis Yin Avatar
    Dennis Yin

    Oh my god!!! I had to watch a few times to realized what Adam and Abbas was
    commentating about.. LoL!!! haha

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