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Teachers are in a way, our second parents. They teach, they lead, and they inspire. Here is a short film that we made in collaboration with INTI Internationa…
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25 responses to “The Class Clown – JinnyBoyTV”

  1. stanleygqm Avatar

    I see people saying how they want a teacher like him funny and all, I used
    to think that way. dun get me wrong, I hav funny teachers and their the
    best. But so are the non funny ones, the ones who giv up lunch time and
    dinner time to provide consultations for student , the ones who made me
    write study timetable, talk to me bout my troubles, the ones who made me do
    homework. This may come across as teachers we dun want, I used to rage at
    them. but after all , their are seriously jus trying to help u, it aint
    gonna make much difference to their paycheck, heck they even hav to sleep
    at 2am wake up at 6am jus to mark the homework of students. So despite the
    funny teachers u ppl may not hav, dun forget to giv credit and thank the
    teachers that although aren’t funny, but giv their utmost best to help u
    regardless of ur past attitude. :D

  2. Brad H Avatar
    Brad H

    Schools need more teachers like him. 

  3. Edward Kenway Avatar
    Edward Kenway

    The hell we could find a teacher like him in Malaysia!

  4. Celine Roland Avatar
    Celine Roland

    Really? USJ 12. Thats a school near my house! WHY DIDN’T I SEE THEM FILM?

  5. hayashi hikari Avatar
    hayashi hikari


  6. Hana M. A. Avatar
    Hana M. A.

    I really like this one! So touching, lorrrr.. 

  7. Jay Hardy Avatar
    Jay Hardy

    that’s shawn lee right?!

  8. Fariz Syazwan Avatar
    Fariz Syazwan


  9. TypicalB Avatar

    my History teacher is like this too. XD

  10. Caitlyn TheSheriffOfPiltover Avatar
    Caitlyn TheSheriffOfPiltover

    I miss my teacher now T^T he was such a good teacher

  11. Hannah Muhammad Avatar
    Hannah Muhammad

    I’m crying right now….It’s so sad.I wish I had a techer like him.

  12. David Kim Avatar
    David Kim

    i am studing in Homeschool, and my teacher just like him! Thats fun to have
    teacher like him

  13. Ray Fal Avatar
    Ray Fal

    so nice .. i wish i had a teacher like him
    i’m 100% sure that all my life i will never forget his classes if someone
    teach me in that way

  14. TeamSarcastic Avatar

    Sigh… If only teachers like that really existed in Malaysia… I have no
    idea why, but this video made me think of my Form 1 English teacher

  15. nik norehan nik hussin Avatar
    nik norehan nik hussin

    Those school years, seems like it was just yesterday. Who’s your favourite

  16. MyAwesomeExplorer Xavier Avatar
    MyAwesomeExplorer Xavier

    Remember this?

  17. jason chong Avatar
    jason chong

    still touching :”)

  18. Sushi Mo Avatar
    Sushi Mo

    i swear that made me cry :’) idk y..? it was sooo beautiful!! X’)

  19. amzar zs Avatar
    amzar zs

    Students who have teacher like him is the luckiest students in the world!

  20. Well Wayon Rubin Avatar
    Well Wayon Rubin

    I hope I have teacher like that in my school.

  21. Anisah Sudarman Avatar
    Anisah Sudarman

    Great showcase of wonderful teachers.

  22. Lucy Mingyi Avatar
    Lucy Mingyi

    Wish he was my teacher! but as you know, wishes will never come true in
    real life!

  23. valerie pearl Avatar
    valerie pearl

    I cried…

  24. ~Internet Geek~ Avatar
    ~Internet Geek~

    I LOVE IT! <3<3<3

  25. Darren Sia Avatar
    Darren Sia

    Education is not about learning…. its about how to be an input and action
    in life…. we cannot force students if they don’t wanna learn… there
    can’t be a gap between students and teachers…. education is teachers and
    students…. in one…. learning from each other… accepting each other ! 

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