Only In Malaysia will you find certain unique traits. Done in collaboration with SUBSCRIBE A short we filmed in collabora…





25 responses to “ONLY IN MALAYSIA – JinnyBoyTV”

  1. BobBlobOfFancyPants Avatar

    I have to say that I am surprised in how the Malaysian language are similar
    to Cantonese…

  2. 真田桃香 Avatar

    Malaysia = Russia = Hegemonic country
    Malaysian = Slave of India
    Singapore = Ukraine = Freedom
    Singaporean = Decent

  3. Axely Avatar

    4:44, damn the girl is hot…. its a girl or… ._.

  4. Xiuhcoatl Avatar

    sweet disposition! :D

  5. nugraha angga Avatar
    nugraha angga

    well, i tought every each country has their own weirdnesses..

  6. ChrisFley Avatar

    Happens 99% of the time in Singapore too.

  7. Jalu Nurogo Avatar
    Jalu Nurogo

    All the styles are also available in Indonesia except “Invisible Man”
    because we love queuing, Satay in Indonesia too, “Free Gift” because
    everything is cheap in Indonesia.

  8. Lord Trinity Avatar
    Lord Trinity

    OMFG HOW’D YOU GET GREYSON?????????????????

  9. Umi Azizan Avatar
    Umi Azizan


  10. Emily Carvalho Lim Avatar
    Emily Carvalho Lim

    Isn’t that 1 Utama!? 

  11. L Pug Avatar
    L Pug

    Impoilet. In Hong Kong You will get punch.

  12. stephanie alyssa Avatar
    stephanie alyssa

    If y’all from Indonesia or Singapore or anywhere else where there are
    similar customs are jealous, make your own video la

  13. Tin Nguyenchitin Avatar
    Tin Nguyenchitin

    Not special.

  14. Hrisnik Praha Avatar
    Hrisnik Praha

    yet again…

  15. Okkir Onihsin Avatar
    Okkir Onihsin

    we’re doing the powerful hand in ph too ^_^

  16. TheAs57 Avatar

    Search for ” What is the biggest problem in the future” on youtube. You
    will learn a lot about your future

  17. InfiniteZodiac Avatar

    Whats the music at 6:33

  18. SA Von Vandetta Avatar
    SA Von Vandetta

    this is hilarious.. haha

  19. ~ Bright Romeo ~ Avatar
    ~ Bright Romeo ~

    0.50 the second u get to see the motor bike.. LOOL so funny.
    5.44 she wanted a camera man, funny one. 

  20. Shafinaz Faizal Avatar
    Shafinaz Faizal

    Expecting for more typical scenes x)

  21. MegaSmilee1 Avatar

    But Singapore stole these all from you, except for the motorcyclist
    hands-free phone and calling everyone “boss”, I call everyone “uncle” or
    “auntie” and we have the football team rage thing as well, it always
    happens on world cup nights at the foot of my block xD 

  22. nerdychanyeolism Avatar

    i see joseph germani there XD

  23. PyroCocky Avatar

    in MOYES we LAUGH at~~~~xDD

  24. Farisya Aliya Avatar
    Farisya Aliya

    Greyson Chance!!!!! :3

  25. Zheng Yang Avatar
    Zheng Yang

    greyson is OP

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