Would you let fate determine your one true love? Or seize the opportunity when you get the chance? SPECIAL THANKS TO BEE TALK Website : Facebook : Twitter…
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25 responses to “Serendipity”

  1. JinnyboyTV Avatar

    Would you let fate determine your one true love? Or seize the opportunity
    when you get the chance?

  2. shafiq skate Avatar
    shafiq skate

    He got brozone by his bro’

  3. Hariz Nasir Avatar
    Hariz Nasir

    this video really made me gelak kuat kuat , hahahaha

  4. Bryan Yeong Avatar
    Bryan Yeong

    Betraying the ‘Bro-code’ HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. Sukri Karim Avatar
    Sukri Karim

    as always guys…awesome work…really enjoy watching your videos every

  6. Kk Lee Avatar
    Kk Lee

    Nice storyline. 

  7. Joshua Chia Avatar
    Joshua Chia

    One of the best video from you guys!Hahaha,made my day!Keep up the good

  8. sean Wong Avatar
    sean Wong

    Best video jin love it

  9. lishaohlisha Avatar


  10. Shafei Syafiq Avatar
    Shafei Syafiq

    OnePlus One

  11. Leon Ben Lee Avatar
    Leon Ben Lee

    Is that a OnePlus One Phone?@.@ OMG I WANT ONE

  12. iamqadri Avatar

    4:37 jacking off to a picture of a girl you found on the net. What kind of
    values are you trying to pass on to Malaysian youths????

    Subbed. Keep em coming.

  13. Freaky Fafa Avatar
    Freaky Fafa


  14. tye kean hong Avatar
    tye kean hong

    what’s the song name at 4.30 ?

  15. myra961 Avatar

    what does he meant by wham bam tq maam? is it an old joke that only silly
    me don’t understand ?

  16. Mardhiah Mazlan Avatar
    Mardhiah Mazlan

    Damn funny! Good one!

  17. James Yap Avatar
    James Yap

    song name @ 4:15 ?

  18. Forsaken Fire Avatar
    Forsaken Fire

    Amazing video, keep it up!!! You guys rock

  19. sabahkids Avatar

    So close to be oneplus one… i think it is oppo(maybe)

  20. zahir ridwan Avatar
    zahir ridwan

    Haha! Good one jinnyboy!

  21. Krishna Kumar Avatar
    Krishna Kumar

    Hey Jin and ean u guys rock

  22. Lilynana Lexy Avatar
    Lilynana Lexy

    hahahahahaha okay cant stop laugh !! joe why you so cute
    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *big smile

  23. noorsiah dawi Avatar
    noorsiah dawi

    awesome :D

  24. Firdaus Tarmizi Avatar
    Firdaus Tarmizi

    Awesome and funny video.
    But, let me be the party-pooper and say: that’s not what serendipity means

  25. stanchung69 Avatar

    Corny Farny… Great twist. LOL

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