JinnyBoyTV Hangouts – What we did in Singapore Part 1

We were down in Singapore for a shoot and at the same time we got to catch up with some of our friends! Check out what we were up to. SUBSCRIBE http://www.yo…
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25 responses to “JinnyBoyTV Hangouts – What we did in Singapore Part 1”

  1. JinnyboyTV Avatar

    We will be back in Singapore for fan fest!

  2. Chung Austin Avatar
    Chung Austin

    All the legends in one vid omg

  3. Lee Gemma Avatar
    Lee Gemma

    Walao eh YouTuber’s life looks so fun

  4. Vin Desmond Avatar
    Vin Desmond

    what video is this? when can i see it :D?

  5. afrina fadhilah Avatar
    afrina fadhilah

    Deekosh reaction might be everyone’s reaction when they are in one of
    jinnyboyTV’s video~ it’s like an epic moment that needs a shout out! LOL~

  6. iesousify Avatar

    where’s part 2?

  7. odeng taha Avatar
    odeng taha

    and the watermelon boy photobomb is so damn funny

  8. Aqil Daani Avatar
    Aqil Daani

    Was uploaded on mah birthday

  9. supriya sivabalan Avatar
    supriya sivabalan

    omg photoception hahaha

  10. Braden Koh Avatar
    Braden Koh

    Can i know what is the title of the background music, thanks :)

  11. June Tan Yi Lei Avatar
    June Tan Yi Lei

    Nice… I realised I know one guy in e video…. heh heh heh… 

  12. timothy yong Avatar
    timothy yong

    Ahha I like that watermelon helmet guy ahhaha sway all he does is appear
    and do nothing ahhaha 

  13. Barnabas Yeoh Avatar
    Barnabas Yeoh

    Walao…so pro all the equipments

  14. Maya Fiq Avatar
    Maya Fiq

    singapore is so clean

  15. Alyssa A Avatar
    Alyssa A

    OMG, i’m a big fan here.
    Come to Indonesia, please? :D

  16. lalalalaladubidududu Avatar

    singapore <3 malaysia

  17. phatasm24 Avatar

    Thank you for having all the famous youtube-ers in one video. Makes me
    happy to see all of em in it.

  18. Kent Hoong Avatar
    Kent Hoong

    awesome job jin! respect! you made the whole youtube community shrinks into
    one tiny lens! love to see more collaboration and new vids from you guys!

  19. min syer Avatar
    min syer

    No Joseph germani ?? :(

  20. ShakyShakz Avatar

    How do I get a JinnyBoy Tshirt?

  21. Liyana Mohtar Avatar
    Liyana Mohtar

    song ?

  22. Evelyn Sando Avatar
    Evelyn Sando

    wow ! superstar in the whole vids ! I’m from Indonesia but gonna say love
    from Sydney xD since I’m at Sydney now ~ Hope I will be able to meet all of
    you ~~~

  23. Wilson Kasim Avatar
    Wilson Kasim

    Make sure to contact me when you put ur feet in Medan, Indonesia

  24. StevenSoonProductions Avatar

    4 films in 1 trip! Truly an inspiration!

  25. Nicole Ooi Avatar
    Nicole Ooi

    come again ya…

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