Our Home, Our Country #Malaysia

Our Home, Our Country #Malaysia

Something a little different from us. We love our country Malaysia, and you should to. We will always be proud to stand firm as Malaysians, representing when…
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25 responses to “Our Home, Our Country #Malaysia”

  1. Yu Jing T Avatar
    Yu Jing T

    This song almost make me cry, want to change the government so bad.

  2. Adam Hans Avatar
    Adam Hans

    And then realize that its just mamula moon with different lyrics.

  3. Danial Goh Avatar
    Danial Goh

    To people who comment that she is not Malay and our country is so called
    “maling”. Just so you know she doesn’t have to be Malay to be malaysian.
    And calling us thieves or making us fight won’t make ur country any
    better.peace from sabah.

  4. vincent tse Avatar
    vincent tse

    nice voice, if the chords could be bring more passion then it would be best

  5. El Diablo Avatar
    El Diablo

    178 people are not malaysian .

  6. Pokeshihtzu Gaming Avatar
    Pokeshihtzu Gaming

    A video made by +Jin Lim . Negaraku (My Country).

  7. boywithkanjibag Avatar

    Mamulaa mooon 

  8. adib arifin Avatar
    adib arifin

    how many of us stood erect to this video?

  9. Allyssa Mcdonnell Avatar
    Allyssa Mcdonnell


  10. Truthful Lee Avatar
    Truthful Lee

    Simple and yet so meaningful. Best example of less is more.

  11. melsingsmel Avatar

    She has a beautiful voice!

  12. lily hasbullah Avatar
    lily hasbullah

    This video gave me goosebumps

  13. Prof Jafri Abdullah Avatar
    Prof Jafri Abdullah


  14. Allyssa Mcdonnell Avatar
    Allyssa Mcdonnell

    OMG..Just had goosebumps..Can’t wait to visit Malaysia this December!

  15. Rafeezah Roger Avatar
    Rafeezah Roger

    Whoever unliked this vid is a faggot

  16. Aina Suraya Avatar
    Aina Suraya

    shut the fuck up!

  17. otwosmiley hanaruto Avatar
    otwosmiley hanaruto

    Well,she is malaysian,She is my cousin 🙂 Seriously….Her mum is
    filipino.Her Grandma is ‘Mat Salleh’.Her Grandpa is
    Malaysian(Kelantanese).Her dad is malaysian too.I know her.Actually she was
    born in MALAYSIA!!

  18. Bboyz Shiro Avatar
    Bboyz Shiro

    I have to say, I kinda miss this song, thanks JinnyboyTV and crew, even
    only inheriting half a malaysian blood I’d always be proud to be Half
    Malaysian wherever I am even if my nationality says otherwise, in fact I
    just brought a couple of my friend over to a malaysian restaurant in Japan
    so they could have a taste for what I love ^_^

  19. Zi Jian Yow Avatar
    Zi Jian Yow

    This should be the version played in cinemas! Her voice and her looks are
    so sweet.

  20. Eduardo  Garcia Avatar
    Eduardo Garcia

    what a beautiful voice (:

  21. princessladyjane Avatar

    oh myyy.. her voice gives me non stop goose bumps.. such a beautiful voice!

  22. dini hadyan Avatar
    dini hadyan

    I’m Indonesian too..this video is really heartwarming. touchy!

  23. Ahmad hafiy Avatar
    Ahmad hafiy

    dont bother those hater.Hater,bro get a life. im malaysian staying overseas
    and i miss malaysia alot

  24. Syairi Cool Avatar
    Syairi Cool

    she is my friend.so….don’t insult her.or I’ll kill you!

  25. Ahmad hafiy Avatar
    Ahmad hafiy

    im liking this so much

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