Malaysian Auto Correct Fails In Real Life

Malaysian Auto Correct Fails In Real Life

Sometimes not all words are in the mobile dictionary, and that’s where “Auto Correct” comes into play. So what are some of the “Malaysian Words” that get aut…
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25 responses to “Malaysian Auto Correct Fails In Real Life”

  1. AmandaMuse Avatar

    Ha, yup, looks about right! Another YouTuber in Malaysia over here — come
    over and visit friends :)

  2. Fardi Erif Avatar
    Fardi Erif

    i c Joyce Chu.. Malaysia Chabor.. try spotting it

  3. TheGRIMFILM Avatar

    I very photosynthesis

  4. Lily Ann Avatar
    Lily Ann

    i am so going to customize my mom’s ringtone later.

  5. Matthew Lim Avatar
    Matthew Lim

    Whats the song at the end?

  6. Farah Zainee Avatar
    Farah Zainee

    OMG, I can’t stop laughing watching this video..Haha!

  7. LeonEng1991 Avatar

    Sorry i just laugh until my ass off……

  8. JianHao Tan Avatar
    JianHao Tan

    i downloaded my genitals for private viewing

  9. puipuisum Avatar

    0:15 *inspired

  10. swan tize Avatar
    swan tize

    Fatimah>Fatmama, tht class monitor rdy kena rotan la hahah

  11. Ryan Sylvia Avatar
    Ryan Sylvia

    +Reuben Kang always come to my house for Deepavali 

  12. Aaron Junyou Avatar
    Aaron Junyou


  13. DanKhooProductions Avatar

    your genitals

  14. Crystal D.Audrey Avatar
    Crystal D.Audrey

    Is it me or did anyone else see Natalie’s tongue stud?

  15. JinnyboyTV Avatar

    New Video: Malaysian Auto Correct Fails! #ihateautocorrect 

  16. eli.TUNE Avatar

    Please tell me what the song at the end is. Thank you!

  17. wengjie thong Avatar
    wengjie thong

    Press 5 while watching the video for infinite burst of laughters. 

  18. zihniifreakinout Avatar


  19. david srna Avatar
    david srna

    some of them are just poor stupid..but stupid in a funny way XD

  20. Kimberly Tiong Avatar
    Kimberly Tiong

    at 0:25 he was watching ‘ malaysia chabor ‘ by Joyce Chu at the back screen
    lol xD

  21. Natasha Faith Avatar
    Natasha Faith

    Japan lick you – most epic reaction from the fella. LMAO.

  22. EliePhante Avatar

    Cikgu Fatmama…that boy now forever gonna kena from Cikgu FATIMAH when she
    needs examples for BUTTS…I mean BATIK artworks.

  23. RainStain Studios Avatar
    RainStain Studios

    XD The school recorded was the school im studying in… UCSI

  24. Ameer Amirul Avatar
    Ameer Amirul

    japan lick u ! kahkahkahkahkah!!!!

  25. manggo lee Avatar
    manggo lee

    Joyce Chu At Jinny PC?

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