How Malaysians Pay Bills

How Malaysians Pay Bills

Sometimes we go all way out to do what it takes to get a bill “settled”, how do you settle your bills? DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY Jin Lim: http://www.instagram…
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25 responses to “How Malaysians Pay Bills”

  1. HowToBasic Avatar

    Where I come from we pay for our bills with eggs & goat meat.

  2. Chieng Hau Avatar
    Chieng Hau

    Hi Jinnyboy tv , make a parody for kak steering lock pls~ would love to
    watch that 

  3. gilbert seong Avatar
    gilbert seong

    you guys lack one more technique,

    the toilet break,

    one person tell the other guy/girl , i go to the toilet awhile but infact
    they straight go to the counter to pay the bill. classic move 😛 

  4. Bong Jiah Dick Avatar
    Bong Jiah Dick

    So excited to see YouTube notifies me about the new videos from JinnyboyTV
    is out every time. Laughing, touching or crying, your videos never fail to
    do so, every single time.

  5. Faris Schweinsteiger Avatar
    Faris Schweinsteiger

    who’s that girl at 3:56? The left-one. She’s look like a Korean..!!

  6. Vessini Young Avatar
    Vessini Young

    love you jin!

  7. NoIGN Avatar

    Can include subtitles for the non-malay speakers? 

  8. Zerlina Yee Avatar
    Zerlina Yee

    HAHA loved it – however, small request if possible, im from singapore and i
    didnt understand the malay part! possible to add in subtitles next time

  9. JianHao Tan Avatar
    JianHao Tan


  10. Steven Choo Avatar
    Steven Choo

    I think someone is going to GIF the scene of Jin as a girl. Haha!

  11. swan tize Avatar
    swan tize

    Hahahah ur video nvr disappoint us

  12. AzureSteel Avatar

    Jin, no disrespect or anything, but you’re fugly to the max as a girl.

    Great video and have a nice day! <3

  13. Claurel Saaron Avatar
    Claurel Saaron

    Jin! I love you!!!!!!!!

  14. Ryan Sylvia Avatar
    Ryan Sylvia

    2:07 I need to cast that girl in my videos, please +Jin Lim and +Reuben
    Kang intro please

  15. ickeyViki Avatar

    Malaysians still believe if you don’t have enough money must wash dishes
    I hate the split equal because I always order less expensive but ended up
    paying more ……hate that 

  16. JinnyboyTV Avatar
  17. Muhammad Nazirul Bakarudin Avatar
    Muhammad Nazirul Bakarudin

    What the? Is that jinnyboy act as a girl with her mom?

  18. Pharmit24 Avatar

    Is her boobies missing? lol jk. Nice video.

  19. Eugene Lee Avatar
    Eugene Lee

    You’re selling out. Product placement was too obvious. I really expected
    more from you guys. Another great malaysian film maker goes down the drain.

  20. Ida Airina Avatar
    Ida Airina

    come on jinn..u r prettier than me! arghhhh T_T

  21. June L Avatar
    June L

    the ending music is awesome! what song is it?

  22. TaeNy35v Avatar

    the 3 girls… most left wear dark green shirt… shoo pretty… ^^

  23. DanKhooProductions Avatar

    can u guys pay properly??! make me damn pek chek! 

  24. Yanni Arshad Avatar
    Yanni Arshad
  25. shafiq skate Avatar
    shafiq skate

    The girl in the white dress is so beautiful!!!

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