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What if opportunity never fell? What would you do, when you’re in a situation where you had something important to tell someone. Would you hold it in, or ris…






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    New Video. What if opportunity never fell? What would you do, when you’re
    in a situation where you had something important to tell someone. Would you
    hold it in, or risk it knowing what you’re doing is right

    Based on true events. Please do Like, Share and Subscribe. let us know
    you’re watching by hashtagging #therose

    Big shoutout to N.O.C – Night Owl Cinematics for helping us bring this to

    The Rose

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  4. Tony Lee Avatar
    Tony Lee

    Nicely done Reuben,Alan, Jin and Ryan :)

  5. leo000730 Avatar

    Great script, great videography, great acting! And of course great film!!
    Kudos @jinnyboy & @noc!

  6. Henry Yeoh Avatar
    Henry Yeoh

    Best cinematography ….

  7. Farrah Aina Avatar
    Farrah Aina

    Congrats jin for an amazing video!the cinematography is epic!!

  8. Muhd Nurhaikal Avatar
    Muhd Nurhaikal

    beautiful work dude. loved the soundtrack, the acting, the artistic value.
    keep it up!

  9. Tang Wei Avatar
    Tang Wei

    Just stunning. I wait for the day when I can watch a full length film by
    you guys. simply Marvelous 

  10. Kelven Khor Avatar
    Kelven Khor

    This was really a good story. I mean like if you really like and care about
    that girl, of course you would wanna tell her about the thing, but you
    won’t wanna see her sad and cry. But you don’t wanna see her marry that
    bastard neither.
    Damn, maybe I should just tell her about it. #therose 

  11. vince chong Avatar
    vince chong

    Looks like you Rose up another level of filming Jinnyboytv… Nice work to
    all involved .. Must say good storyline and of course my homie Daniel V
    brought it to life .. 

  12. Fion E. Avatar
    Fion E.

    I sensed some ‘night owl cinematic’ element in it.. Anyways great job

  13. Gary Chang Avatar
    Gary Chang

    yo jin, if u plan to do a movie i will definitely watch it!
    although the acting can still be improved… XD

  14. ajahajah Avatar

    Hi JinnyBoy,
    Great film! I personally find the script very well written as it kept me in
    suspense at the right moment. The rose object fits perfectly in the
    screenplay. I also particularly liked the videography done by NOC. The
    transitions were very well done especially at the climax. As an audience, I
    can feel the emotions of the conflicting relationships which made the story
    very compelling.
    Also I really enjoyed Marianne’s acting! Her acting is so natural~ Hope to
    see her more in your videos!

  15. yongwoon123 Avatar

    this was great honestly it was simple yet genius great job and ryan outdone
    him self this time 

  16. Waterwheel Lun Avatar
    Waterwheel Lun

    the music and time rewind and jinny looking at the boyfriend….that moment
    gave my goosebumps!!!

  17. Daniel Thompson Avatar
    Daniel Thompson


  18. Hale Ir. Zaee Avatar
    Hale Ir. Zaee

    wth we aren’t funding this? i need more of this on tv!

  19. Muhd Nurhaikal Avatar
    Muhd Nurhaikal

    nice videography skills. Must have use an expensive video camera

  20. Georgina Tai Avatar
    Georgina Tai

    Jinn!!! I love and enjoy your videos so much! What a nice drama you did!
    Please do continue it and I will always update with it! Jiayou!!

  21. lulu Avatar

    where’s the ending!!?

  22. Muhaimin Lutfi Avatar
    Muhaimin Lutfi

    damn where the part 2?? hate the movie finished hanging up like that

  23. SkippyMoan Avatar

    This in incredible! MORE!

  24. Hanani Akmal Avatar
    Hanani Akmal

    the best! can i know the title of the background music?

  25. Chua Adeline Avatar
    Chua Adeline

    Great short clip so far! Love the twist to it 🙂 

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